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Visitor Insurance

You need Travel Insurance because

1. It costs less, and saves you a fortune, should anything happen during your travel!
2. Unforeseen events do happen, at any time, in any country, on any trip, to anyone.

Now get secured quotes for better insurance coverage in Canada from the top most leading Insurance companies, get the lowest Insurance quote that best ​suits you. In fact, the Canadian government recommends all visitors buy health coverage before exploring Canada.

When traveling outside of your home country, your government health care plans may not travel with you. Health care costs in Canada are very expensive. Hospitals can charge thousands of dollars per day, with many Canadian hospitals charging a non-resident fee to patients not covered under a Canadian government health insurance plan.

Visitors to Canada Travel Insurance helps protect you and your family from unexpected costs due to a medical emergency while visiting Canada. Ideal if you are:

  1. Tourists, non-residents of Canada, or visiting former Canadian residents
  2. Not insured or eligible for benefits under a Canadian government health insurance plan


  • Immigrants & Visitors to Canada Plans to provide coverage for the following, up to the chosen amount of insurance.
  • In-Hospital Care – Hospital room and board charges, up to semi-private, and charges for intensive and coronary care
  • Medical Services – Treatment by a physician or surgeon
  • Diagnostic Services – X-rays and other diagnostic tests
  • Out-Patient Treatment – Out-patient medical emergency room charges
  • Repatriation –To transport you home for further medical treatment with pre-approval & up to a certain amount
  • Prescription Medication – Drugs and medication prescribed in an emergency situation
  • Ambulance – Use of a licensed road ambulance in a medical emergency, or use of an air ambulance or regularly scheduled airline if transferred for further in-hospital treatment
  • Health Practitioners – Charges for the use of an osteopath, physiotherapist, chiropractor, chiropodist, and/or podiatrist
  • Accidental Dental – Repair or replacement of natural teeth or the relief of dental pain
  • Return of Remains – Preparation and transportation to your country of origin, or the cost of cremation or burial at the place of death
  • Child Care – Licensed child care of dependent children if you are hospitalized due to a medical emergency
  • Out-of-Pocket Expenses – Accommodations, meals, phone calls and taxi or bus fares incurred by an accompanying family member in the event your hospitalization continues after the policy expiry date.
  • 24–Hour Travel Assistance Services – Wherever you are, the travel assistance center will verify your coverage and make hospital and emergency arrangements for you.
  • Travel Coverage Outside Canada – Coverage for side-trips up to certain days to any country
  • Automatic Policy Extension
  • Coverage is extended to include 48 hours of in-transit travel between Canada and your country of origin and vice versa.
  • If your plan expires while hospitalized, your coverage is extended for the period of hospitalization plus 72 hours after your discharge.

If you have received medical treatment or experienced symptoms before the purchase of this plan, certain exclusions may apply. This brochure is a summary. Please refer to the policy wording for full details. Maximums and conditions apply.

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