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Medical Plan

Individual Medical Plan

We offer both medically reviewed and guaranteed issue plans to meet your needs and budget.

An ambulance trip or dental emergency could cost between $200 and $2,000. And if you’re sent home early from the hospital, you could pay hundreds or even thousands for prescription drugs.

When you apply for an individual health plan, the company reviews your medical history. Qualify now and your coverage is assured, regardless of future medical conditions. Wait until an illness or accident occurs, and you could be denied coverage.

We offer benefit plans for individuals and families, seniors, and large and small employers.

Your premiums qualify as a medical expense. Add them to your other medical expenses, when you calculate your personal income tax credits. Or you may be able to claim them as a business expense, which could provide you with a significant income tax saving of up to 45 percent of the premium cost.

There are a variety of factors that affect plan rates—which include the plan option chosen, number of family members, and age of applicants. To better assist you, please call us at (780) 242 3616, or complete the online form to request an information package and we will contact you directly to discuss plan options and rates.

This individual insurance plan offers the same type of coverage that group insurance plans do and complements provincial health coverage plans.

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